a great read that was packed with emotional moments….

The Real Thing by Brenda Jackson was a great read that was packed with emotional moments. It raises an eyebrow, makes you want to punch someone, saddens you and elates you….all in the same breath. The tale of the journey of Trinity Matthews and Adrian Westmoreland is definitely all the aforementioned and more. As we witness the blossoming of their love, we also witness abuse of power and affluence. Once again, I say, well done Mrs. Jackson.

I give this story 5 stars!!  April 3, 2014


Mrs. Jackson wrote another one that was an awesome read….

Stern Westmoreland has a best friend named Jovonnie “JoJo” Jones and they have been such since they were young children.  They have shared everything and when JoJo wants to change, she asks him to help her with a makeover so she would be attractive to a man she has set her sights on.  This sparks something in him and he realizes he is attracted to her. Now, we get to see if they will become more than friends.  Mrs. Jackson wrote another one that was an awesome read, I give this one 5 stars.  November 14, 2013

Sometimes, things are not what they seem….

Canyon by Brenda Jackson is a tale Canyon Westmoreland and Keisha Ashford. Sometimes, things are not what they seem and we are too quick to act, things can go awry.  Keisha leaves Denver after seeing something that “looked” a certain way and returns almost three years later with a two-year-old son.  Canyon sees them and immediately knows that that’s his child and claims him immediately.  In the process of working through this and strange things happening around Keisha, they realize that they are still fiercely attracted to each other and we witness Canyon staking claim on both of them.  Loved it…..I give this one 5 stars.  November 14, 2013 

Zane, the expert on women….no woman has walked away from until Channing Hastings does

Zane Westmoreland is a horse rancher from Arizona and a member of a very prominent family where he is deemed the “expert” on woman. He is one that no woman has walked away from until Channing Hastings does just that after not being able to continue the type of relationship that they had and she moves to Atlanta. This throws Zane’s world in a tale spend but he refuses to admit it until his actions show just that when Channing returns and is engaged. Zane knew of her pending return and thought things would change for the better with them and with the new wrinkle and some things he witnesses, he sets out to prove to her that she should not marry that man….and ends up confronting his own feelings.

I give it 5 stars, July 25, 2013

Another known Westmoreland bachelor gets bit by the love bug….

One Winter’s Night is a great read that takes you through the coming together of Riley Westmoreland and Alpha Blake. This installment to the Westmoreland family takes place in Denver amidst the beautiful mountains and snow covered open lands. Another known Westmoreland bachelor gets bit by the love bug regarding a woman that has recently relocated to the area. Ms. Blake left behind something (s) and one(s) that she doesn’t want to think of let alone discuss. These two have an affair that doesn’t know how to end. I am awaiting the next one, thank you Mrs. Jackson.


I give the story 5 stars, February 22, 2013