These tales of righted wrongs are definitely something to experience.

Once again, Alvin L.A. Horn has created an eclectic mixture of characters and drama in One Safe Place, which is straight out of Washington state and centers around crime, love, family, friends, foes, trust, righting wrongs and protecting.  As we embark on these journeys, we collide with thunderous dilemmas and willful deeds that are crime ladened.

A former secret service agent Psalms Black has lived his life helping others that were in need.  He goes about life helping people come to that one safe place.  He exact revenge for them and issues lessons to the offenders. Pair him with the former Secretary of State of the United States, Gabrielle Brandywine and we see the lives of a very powerful couple.

While Psalms Black and his people use a multitude of abilities and resources to complete missions bestowed upon them, they grow closer and closer and solidify their bonds and loyalties.  These tales of righted wrongs are definitely something to experience.

I give this novel 4 stars


witness the blooming of a potential romance and has us captivated with the suspense and thrill as titillating details unfold….

A Madaris Bride for Christmas by Brenda Jackson is an intriguing read from the onset.  It captures ones attention and has you wondering what’s next.  Great Grandma Laverne has been “match making” with her grandchildren and now great grandchildren.  At around 95 years of age, she is determined to see a wedding for each of them and she’s getting it done.  Well some of her lineage, won’t accept that and are determined to best her by picking and marrying their choice.  Well Lee Madaris is one of them and he sets out to do just that after a woman he sees from his balcony catches his eye and full attention.  Lee is the co-owner of an illustrious hotel in Las Vegas, which is the second one for him and his partner. His goal is to have the grandest hotel on the strip and he is doing just that.

Carly Briggs jumps at a chance to work as a Chef at one of the grandest hotels on the Las Vegas strip, especially after believing she witnessed a crime in Miami. For a treat to herself, she books a room at the hotel for one night and Lee happens to see her from a distance, then up close and personal. Later, he gets an idea and sets out to put it in motion if his hotel’s gorgeous new chef will agree to a marriage of convenience.  Will she agree….hmmmm? All this is further complicated when per Brenda Jackson “the danger that made Carly flee Miami is about to land at their door.” So Carly and Lee must decide who to trust, when to let go—and whether a love they never anticipated is strong enough to pass the ultimate test.”

Mrs. Jackson penned a tale that allows us to witness the blooming of a potential romance and has us captivated with the suspense and thrill as titillating details unfold.  This novel was a great 5 stars read that I thoroughly enjoyed. CONGRATULATIONS BRENDA JACKSON ON YOUR 100th Novel!!

December 10, 2013

an intriguing continuation of suspense and mystery that’s accented with love, romance and family….

A Man’s Promise by Brenda Jackson is an intriguing continuation of suspense and mystery that’s accented with love, romance and family.  Mrs. Jackson penned a novel that keeps us guessing and teetering on the edge of our seats.  I was drawn completely into this continuum of the Granger Brothers Series. 

Caden Granger is a highly sought after and successful sax player that leads a band.  He left home and dedicated himself to his music after his mother being murdered; his father was convicted of killing her and after losing the love of his life.  He returns home at the request of his grandfather and stays to fulfill a promise after his death. 

Shiloh Timmons returns home after to open a wine boutique, to a severed relationship with her mother and attempted to inform her former love of what ended their relationship but he would not hear her.

We experience the journey of what their returns home brings about as well as the continued quest to find out who killed Sylvia Granger.

I give this novel 5 stars, July 8, 2014

This novel has some of everything: it has romance, suspense, drama and mystery….yes indeed!!

Brenda Jackson hit this one out of the ball park.  This novel has some of everything:  it has romance, suspense, drama and mystery….yes indeed!!  A Brother’s Honor is the beginning of the saga of The Granger brothers.  These brothers left their family’s estate in Virginia, a prosperous family business, hauntingly life changing events and forged their lives separately.  However, their dying grandfather’s request brings them back together, brings them home.  They are met with his dying, a business that is going under, a host of secrets, much conniving and promises to their grandfather to get the company back up to its premier level.

The eldest brother, Jace Granger is an attorney and takes the lead with responsibility as the CEO for Granger Aeronautics, their struggling family business. Once in place, he familiarizes himself with some of the goings on at Granger Aeronautics then follows his grandfather’s idea to hire a crises management company which is headed by Shana Bradford.   Sparks immediately fly between Jace and Shana but this could interfere with the needed repairs for the company’s return to success.  Secrets and betrayals come to light along with some almost debilitating discoveries that changes things Jace has believed in his whole life.  They also open up some new areas to aid in overturning his father’s conviction for murder.

I give this novel 5 stars,  June 3, 2013