Will happenstance and familiarity ruin their possibility….

His Love Lesson (The Barrington Brothers)

His Love Lesson by Nicki Night is an engaging tale of a woman that makes smell goods and lotions, Chey Rodgers knows exactly what she wants to do and sets out to do just that. First she moved away to the “city” and ending a relationship with a finance that was stifling and judgement. Then she sought out to finish her higher education and obtain work in the industry to gain experience and knowledge but first, she goes on a much desired, snowy vacation. While “vacationing” happenstance and her kindness throws a man in her path that she can’t stop thinking of, after they spend time together.

Hunter Barrington, is a corporate attorney has a chance to do something that he always wanted to teach. Based on the outcome of this semester, he could get an appointment. This is jeopardized when a woman that he spent time with when he was snowed on a trip to Utah wounds up in his class. On top of this, he has a colleague that has plans to make them an “us” and uses manipulation and underhandedness to try to achieve such….will she? Read His Love Lesson and see if Hunter and Chey makes it through, well worth the read.

I give this story 5 stars


takes us on the continued journeys while eliciting curiosity, connections and concerns for some

 The Bitter Sweet Conclusion is about the people we were introduced to in Love Torn Asunder, namely the main characters are:  Leslie, Lincoln, Kendrick, “Her” and Devine.  Ms. Funderbirk takes us on the continued journeys of these people while eliciting curiosity, connections and concerns with and for some of these characters.  We witnessed some of their trials, tribulations, struggles and successes.  We have front seats to deception, downwards spirals, manipulations and triumphs.  One does find themselves hanging on every word while anticipating the next one.  Elizabeth did a grand job with the twist and turns throughout this tale.  This was a great read and I am looking very much forward to the rest of this series. As stated in The Bitter Sweet Conclusion’s description “…is the explosive sequel to Love Torn Asunder” and this is for sure. 

I give this novel 4 stars  March 29, 2012

Gritty, detailed, excitGREAT READ!ing drama full of the imagery of a movie and many twist and turns.


2nd run cover2nd run cover


August 24, 2010

Laugh Now is a gritty, detailed, exciting novel full of the imagery of a movie with many twist and turns.  As the lives of Kareem and Andre Bezel unfold we experience the adventures, dangers and successes of their chosen paths.  Each brother ventures into the criminal world as they chase the easy and fast dollar while marinating in the successes that it brings.  There are so many characters that impact their everyday lives as well as their illegal dealings that it can make one think twice about people that we deal with everyday.


I commend Mr. Brooks on his first novel that is a thoroughly written story full of full of details and descriptions that make the reader feel like he/she is right there witnessing these activities as they unfold.  This would make a very good, fast paced movie that I would truly enjoy.  Looking forward to this one continuing….