this story leaps off the pages with vivid images as a movie leaping off the pages….  


Set in the 1920’s, this story leaps off the pages with vivid images as a movie leaping off the pages.  Love’s Serenade (Decades: A Journey of African American Romance Book 3) by Sheryl Lister is the journey of Leigh Jones and Miles Cooper from Magnolia, Arkansas and their love of music.

Mary Lee Johnson “Leigh Jones” leaves home and heads to New York to follow her dream to be a singer. Miles Cooper couldn’t forget the woman he left behind when he took some and headed on the road three years ago. They collide in Harlem, NY and he put things in motion to win her back. He has an enormous fight on his hand to prove he’s changed to her and for her.

Ms. Lister penned a vibrant tale that sings to us in vivid detail from the 1920’s. Such a fascinating experience and I’m sure you will enjoy it as much as I did!! Well done!!


a captivating tale that keeps us wondering “what’s next” and sometimes on a emotional rollercoaster….

Savannahs Secret
Savannah’s Secret by Reese Ryan was a very engaging read. Savannah Carlisle planned to get into the company built off what was stole from her grandfather. Blake Abbott is a member of the family own company and a gentleman. During a storm he checks on the company’s property and Savannah and she ends up spending the weekend with him. Their attractions bloom and she ends up caring his child.
Reese Ryan penned a captivating tale that keeps us wondering “what’s next” and sometimes on a emotional rollercoaster. Read the journey Savannah and Blake, you won’t be disappointed and we learn that Savannah wasn’t the only one with secrets. Great job Ms. Ryan, looking forward to the next one!!
I give this story 5 stars

a tale that kept one spellbound and looking for what’s next….


Places In My Heart is the story of Morgan Gray and Omar Drummond. We witness their connections, coming together and getting in and out of their way. Business keeps them from openly acting of their intense attractions and we get to see if they can get past their hindrances in tack.

Sheryl Lister penned a tale that kept one spellbound and looking for what’s next. I enjoyed their story and am looking forward to the next Gray adventure.

Your choices can impact so many….

This easy read was packed with emotional struggles and very timely issues. This book is about relationships, how the twist and turns of choices can affect the lives of those in these relationships and those around the people in them.

One person choices linked many, some willing participants and one unknowingly then many were impacted from the fallout . I found it interesting and compelling. I actually read it twice and am looking forward to his next book.


I gave this story 4 stars

This review is from: Underneath it all (Paperback) written October 27, 2009

Very intriguing and engaging novel, great tale of friendship!

I really enjoyed This Can’t Be Life by Shakara Cannon.  Ms. Cannon took us on a ride with three friends that detailed the roads and journeys that they traveled.  This timely and engaging tale held me captive to the point where I was thinking of the characters even when I wasn’t engrossed in the book, this speaks volumes.  As the stories unfolded, I found myself wanting to get the next part, which is why I stated, it held you captive.  🙂

This Can’t Be Life is a novel based around three best friends that is told from the point of view of the characters, which I enjoy tremendously, as you are drawn more into the story.  I adore the relationship of these best friends, Simone, Stacey and Talise.  We get to visit their lives, their journeys, the roads they traveled to get to their lives of today and a tiny glimpse of the future.  Being the successful, affluent individuals that they are, the paths they travel takes them into the world of many other successful, affluent people…. this world usually breeds those that get whatever they want due to their status and money and this time was no different.

I commend Shakara for writing a novel full of drama, suspense, thrill and love.  I sincerely hope that there will be a part two as I am fully titillated with curiosity as to how things will turn out and this is doing a number on me.  I finished the book two days ago and the stories are still running full speed through my mind.  This is/was a very good book and I give it 4.5 stars!!   January 26, 2012