a provocative tale that entraps us in a web that keeps us right there awaiting the next turn….

A Perfect Affair by Lutishia Lovely was a very enticing and engaging read.  I wanted to climb into that book, hurt somebody a few times, and shake to mess out of a couple other times.  A Perfect Affair is a provocative tale that centers around an award-winning biologist, Randall Atwater and a freelance writer, Jacqueline Tate. They meet at a scientific conference on trends and technology in which she is there to do a feature story on him for Science Today.  She is immediately drawn to this handsome, brainy, attentive, and reserved man.  During this week long conference, she becomes determined to make him hers.  

Jacqueline sets out to woo and get the man she has fancied herself in love with and will pull out all stops to do so.  This she does despite him having a wife, Sherri and two children at home. As we experience this tale of love, determination and other elements, we are caught up in an emotional spiral of manipulation, lies, trickery and deception. All to what cost?  Ms. Lovely spun a tale that entraps us in a web that keeps us right there awaiting the next turn, act, deed and reaction.

I give this novel 5 stars,  April 27, 2014


an adventurous read into a world created for empowerment that is taken to the opposite due to greed and jealousy….

Slaves of Heaven by Naleighna Kai is an adventurous read into a world created for empowerment that is taken to the opposite due to greed and jealousy. This novel actually invokes many emotions while it feeds our spirituality, imagination, sexuality and sensibilities.

This is to date, the hardest review that I have written as I don’t know if I can do this novel justice. However, here is my try. 🙂

Slaves of Heaven is the bringing to life a dream to overcome racism, greed and inequality by creating a society ruled by a stronger class of women.  This is brought about by hand choosing women and men to forge a life in a secret location, thus the birth of The Heaven Project.  Years down the line, a battle between two brothers, that is fueled by jealousy  brings about rupture in their heavenly existence.  Some of the women have to flee, were given new identities and lived on their own (even in seclusion) for the first time in their lives.  As time passes, lives go on, paths cross and at this intersection love blooms, is torn apart due to greed, secrets are unveiled, connections are laid out clearly and the fight to fought to reclaim it all.

Naleighna Kai penned an adventure that is titillating and provocative beyond words.  She took us on journeys of these characters and we became invested in many of them. Our senses were treated throughout from sight, to touch to hearing while our emotions ran awry and our imagination was feed while being coddled.  Well done Madame, well done!!

I give this novel 5 stars.  May 7, 2013

Experiencing The Scenario unfold is sensually fabulous!! ((smiling))

The dialogue between Psoemetry and The Ebony Poet is simply awesome and it that definitely adds to the allure and sensuality that is provoked by the imagery as you read though.  The collaboration of these two was fabulous….you feel it, see it, experience it!  This is feel good reading from beginning to end, yes indeed!!

Psoemetry and The Ebony Poet spun a tale within a tale of a once famous writer that “lost her pen” with the death of her #1 fan and husband. Now alone, her family persisted and aided with her engaging on the internet.  She “met” another writer that encouraged her to write with him. From there they delved into “passion, romance and fantasy” then real life steps in….and they met.  Read The Scenario to see it unfold, it is well worth a read!!  I give this story 5 stars.  January 6, 2012