a provocative tale that entraps us in a web that keeps us right there awaiting the next turn….

A Perfect Affair by Lutishia Lovely was a very enticing and engaging read.  I wanted to climb into that book, hurt somebody a few times, and shake to mess out of a couple other times.  A Perfect Affair is a provocative tale that centers around an award-winning biologist, Randall Atwater and a freelance writer, Jacqueline Tate. They meet at a scientific conference on trends and technology in which she is there to do a feature story on him for Science Today.  She is immediately drawn to this handsome, brainy, attentive, and reserved man.  During this week long conference, she becomes determined to make him hers.  

Jacqueline sets out to woo and get the man she has fancied herself in love with and will pull out all stops to do so.  This she does despite him having a wife, Sherri and two children at home. As we experience this tale of love, determination and other elements, we are caught up in an emotional spiral of manipulation, lies, trickery and deception. All to what cost?  Ms. Lovely spun a tale that entraps us in a web that keeps us right there awaiting the next turn, act, deed and reaction.

I give this novel 5 stars,  April 27, 2014


WOW….this is thrilling suspense and an adventure, for sure!! LOVED IT!!

Con Test: Double Life

Con Test is a novel with a story within a story, that kept my mind reeling.  As the plots grew and thickened, I felt like I was plunged smack dab in to the center of this drama, thrilling suspense and adventure!  Great imagery, fantastic details, masterful character development, engaging story line…..just a few descriptions for this novel written in a fastidious manner with a plot thickening to the point of “wow”, repeatedly.

As this tale (these tales) of a famed writer, William Fortune, who is penning novels surrounding identity theft unfolds, I was caught up in the realism as I could “see” it happening and I remained captivated.  Rahiem Brooks spun these tales around this author writing about a lead character who is an identity theft artist and the lives of them both.  One is taken from the criminal acts, through the escapes, catapulted into their lives, and taken for the ride-a-longs of the chases.

During the processes of capture and evading, several policing agencies are involved and they combat each other for the “top” spot.  These battles are subsequently used against them and definitely impact the outcome of the case, which only adds to the intrigue and realism of the novel. This is all made that more interesting, as the “police” don’t like how William Fortune portrays them.

As readers, we are left to marvel at the plot, twists, turns and adventures of these character and the others that make up this cast of Con Test.  Once we learn that the lead character is feeding the author the stories as they unfolded,  the suspense is heightened….especially when these two combat each other for “writing” the stories as they as told by the infamous Justice Lorenzo, as opposed to how the author, William Fortune, wants to tell them.   Then last, but definitely not least, add in greed, temptation and subterfuge on multiple levels and ….WOW!!  As the reader, I found myself rooting for the “bad guy” at many points throughout this novel.  Mr. Brooks, great job sir!!  I definitely await your next novel.


I give this novel 5 stars within 5 stars!!  December 21, 2011


action, romance, drama and sports….great combination!!

Regina Hart has written a simple story filled with complexities and excitement.  This basketball driven romance is simply delicious and I enjoyed it very much.  In Fast Break, a former Brooklyn basketball star returns home to coach a history filled second rate team, that wasn’t always second rate.  He waltzes into a tension filled situation that is dressed in deceit, manipulation, hate and controversy wrapped in many egos….wooo weee!!


While DeMarcus Guinn assumes the head coaching position with his father’s favorite basketball team he is confronted with some near impossible situations that are compounded with him falling in love with one of the team’s owners, Jaclyn Jones.   Jaclyn Jones, a former WNBA superstar, is fighting to save her family’s legacy and plans to do so at all cost.  While these two battle the forces that have allowed this team to became the worst team in the NBA, they battle finding the footing with each other as well.   Dive into this engaging novel and see if love wins….


I give this novel 4 stars and eagerly await her next one.  Very good job Regina Hart.  August 17, 2011

Wow….this is an intricately woven and emotionally engaging drama that keeps you totally engrossed!!

Elizabeth Funderbirk has crafted a story that is action driven and chucked full of emotional tidal waves.  For me, it was also educational and tested my beliefs, convictions and confirmed the need for boundaries.  Love Torn Asunder is comprised of a host of characters but each is essential in their roles as this author fluidly moves from one course to another.  Leslie is the main character and the center of this thoroughly told story of her life, choices, deeds, deception and the effects of such on her and those that love her.  Leslie is a steady and secure woman until an extended separation from the one she loves sends her traveling down a road lined with deception and manipulation cloaked in caring and friendship.  With her feelings of loneliness, her allowing people to get in her ear thus head, she ventures down a road that up heaves her life in ways that could be detrimental herself, to all that she has built and those that she loves. 

Love Torn Asunder is a tale of choice that is a great conversational piece as it taps on so many actions and situations that we face in our everyday lives. I must commend this author on the way she penned this story in the voices of each character as they took the forefront at their given times.  Ms. Funderbirk did an excellent job in developing these characters and with their own voices.  In doing so, it lead to an interesting read that kept me totally engrossed and anxious to “hear” what happened next….yes, I said hear as this book reads as if the characters are each telling their own stories.

Torn is an on-point depiction of this book and what can become of its effects as it is thought provoking, trying, full of personal growth and acceptance.  Chi-Town Reading Circle and I have fully anticipated this book and it was well worth the wait.  By the way Love Torn Asunder ended, I know there has to be more and I am fully anticipating it as well….took every in me for me not to contact this author and ask just a few questions.

For her first time out the gate, she did an exceptional job and I can assure you that she will be around for a long time to come producing this kind of work.  Kudos to Elizabeth Funderbirk for a story well told!!  I give this premier novel 5 stars easily.  April 10, 2011

Intricately woven story that captures your attention and captivates you for the very start….

Unraveled is an intricately woven story that captures your attention and captivates you for the very start.  This is definitely an expertly written tale full of emotions, suspense, deviousness and drama that is centered around Dr. Samuel  Bradford who has no recollection of being such and is on trial for his life.

 Dr. Bradford awakens in the hospital after a mysterious incident leaves him near death with a severe head injury.  In this world of the unknown he is propelled from one point to another by people he is suppose to be able to count on and trust.  Through it all the only one that he is able to count on is his mother.  Once he learns to live again and moves on doing such, he is able to function and even adds a wife to his life which is still very much shadowed in the unknown.  Dr.  Samuel  Bradford is very well known for his achievements, is manipulated in unimaginable ways and ends up on trial for the murder of his wife….this trial alone is a cornucopia of deeds involving politics, control, greed, sex, lies, crimes and love. 

 Maxx Kilbourne created a book that is engaging and the keeps you on the edge of your seat in an emotional battle though out.  I give it 4.5 stars and will definitely be on the look out for Mr. Kilbourne’s other books.  Well done!!  February 14, 2011