Very intriguing and interesting story….you have family, romance, thrill, drama and suspense.

Very intriguing and interesting story….you have family, romance, thrill, drama and suspense. This book is centered around the Livingston family.  There are twin brothers and one of their sons that run the family business that was established by their father.  On top of this well established family business this family has a long, rich history that is a noted legacy for the men….fidelity and long marriages. 

As you read, you are hurled into the lives of these people as individuals, couples, families and the Family while you are hanging on to every word.  The brothers are Ace and Adam and the sons that work with the family business are Malcolm and Toussaint, the offspring of Adam.  Ace is married to Diane and they have two offspring that are not involved is the family business.  Adam is married to Candace and he co-chairs the business along side his brother with his sons as integral players in the business successes. and nephews.  As the story unfolds we are wrapped up in the lives of the single brother, Toussaint, that has women falling all over him as an eligible bachelor and his brother the family man that finds himself unfulfilled and ready to stake his own spot in the business world where he is the success.  As we progress through the book we witness their trials, tribulation, choices and the results of those choices with family always looming in the forefront.

Ms. Lovely did a great job expelling a story line that is engaging, exciting and an easy read.  She tells us of the individual lives and the Family with fluidity and thoroughness.  I am eagerly awaiting the next installation, Mind Your Own Business which comes out September 2011.

I give this book 5 stars….enjoy, I surely did!   March 19, 2011