witness the blooming of a potential romance and has us captivated with the suspense and thrill as titillating details unfold….

A Madaris Bride for Christmas by Brenda Jackson is an intriguing read from the onset.  It captures ones attention and has you wondering what’s next.  Great Grandma Laverne has been “match making” with her grandchildren and now great grandchildren.  At around 95 years of age, she is determined to see a wedding for each of them and she’s getting it done.  Well some of her lineage, won’t accept that and are determined to best her by picking and marrying their choice.  Well Lee Madaris is one of them and he sets out to do just that after a woman he sees from his balcony catches his eye and full attention.  Lee is the co-owner of an illustrious hotel in Las Vegas, which is the second one for him and his partner. His goal is to have the grandest hotel on the strip and he is doing just that.

Carly Briggs jumps at a chance to work as a Chef at one of the grandest hotels on the Las Vegas strip, especially after believing she witnessed a crime in Miami. For a treat to herself, she books a room at the hotel for one night and Lee happens to see her from a distance, then up close and personal. Later, he gets an idea and sets out to put it in motion if his hotel’s gorgeous new chef will agree to a marriage of convenience.  Will she agree….hmmmm? All this is further complicated when per Brenda Jackson “the danger that made Carly flee Miami is about to land at their door.” So Carly and Lee must decide who to trust, when to let go—and whether a love they never anticipated is strong enough to pass the ultimate test.”

Mrs. Jackson penned a tale that allows us to witness the blooming of a potential romance and has us captivated with the suspense and thrill as titillating details unfold.  This novel was a great 5 stars read that I thoroughly enjoyed. CONGRATULATIONS BRENDA JACKSON ON YOUR 100th Novel!!

December 10, 2013


a novel that is engagingly full of adventure, suspense and of course romance….

Safe in My Arms is the story of Amina “Mina” Gaines and Jacob “Jake” Wolfe.  Mina is working alongside her grandfather running a lodge in the mountain area in North Carolina.  They were out hiking when they saw a plane crash and went to give help, which is how she met DEA agent Jake Wolfe.  As Jake worked to bring down a drug kingpin, their relationship blossomed.

Janice Sims penned a novel that is engagingly full of adventure, suspense and of course romance.  This story will keep you reading and wondering while anticipating the release of the story of the next Gaines’ sisters.

I give this story 5 stars, August 13, 2014

Wow….a great experience!!

Body Snatchers by Rozé is more than a great read, this is an experience!! Few times I have found myself rooting for the bad guys. This was an engagingly exciting read that was fast paced and enthralling.

Body Snatchers is a based on the saga of twin brothers that left poverty ridden Haiti at the urging of their mother and the expectancy of a better life. These two came to America in the way we have seen so many travels, via boat, into Florida and having to scramble to land amid threat of death or capture and return. However, they left a dangerous tedious situation back in Haiti that would haunt them in later days. Once in America and situated in New York, they fell into the street life style quickly. Their chosen path soon changes for a more treacherous, devious and dangerous one that results in terrorizing this entire city. They did this with the aid of other Haitians that they met alone the way but primarily at school. We witness the destruction that lay wait in the path that they travel and the involvement of countless others.

Rozé crafted a novel that consistently put the readers on the edge as they anticipate what’s going to happen next. I am fully anticipating more work from this author.

I give this novel 5 stars, July 6, 2012


Doing what you feel you have to until you can do better….

Ice by Will “Half & Half” Robbins was a very engaging and interesting read. Being an avid reader I wanted to open up my selections so I read this one just because I was asked to. I am glad I did. This book is filled with hard knocks, the street life, pains, hurts, wants, power and humor. I could “see” it as I read it.

Mr. Robbins did an exceptional job of telling some gritty, hard stories of people growing up in Elizabeth, New Jersey in an engagingly interesting and even funny manner. These are tales of people that do what they feel they have to do until you can do better; those choosing live the drug life and of those that want power are fast hitting, dangerous, drama filled and sad but there is triumph as well. 

I enjoyed this book tremendously and am waiting on his next one.

I gave this novel 4 stars when I read it the first time, 4/20/2010 and enjoyed it even more the second read.  October 23, 2011