Interestingly intriguing read

I found Pretty Monster to be an interestingly intriguing read.  It was intriguing to see this story blossom but more intriguing seeing the character Tangie unfold, grow up and choose how to live her life.  I found this to be a very good read and it left me curious and wondering how Tangie is today, what her new life was like.

M. Raye Turner penned to tale of life that took us on a journey with a little girl named Tangie Waters that was fraught with many of the woes of life that she dealt with and became what SHE choose to despite it and because of it.  Tangie was spoiled daddy’s girl and he could do little to no wrong, even when he did wrong.  Her mother was a  lady, “diva” as she was described and many of those characteristics landed in Tangie’s personality as well.   She was a surefooted person even when she didn’t realized it.  Tangie has a razor shape tongue, tumultuous ideas/thoughts and a don’t mess with me disposition.  These characteristics were developed and fostered by being raised in a somewhat reckless and lenient lifestyle that catered to people doing what they wanted, to get want they wanted.

As one progresses through Pretty Monster, there are a multitude of characters that one could latch on to and some that you root for but many that you don’t.  In the end, one can understand why she did many of the things she did and don’t necessary “see” the pretty monster.

I give this novel 3.5 stars  October 7, 2011