a poignant tale that takes us on roads of twist and turns that keep us saying wow….

Clothesline Blues

Clothesline Blues by B. Berry is a poignant tale that brings in some of the many atrocities perpetrated against people because of the color of their skin. Ms. Berry penned a novel that takes the readers on many journeys with the main ones being those of Hilda and her best friend Pearl.

Hilda is saddled with a man she once loved and she determined to get him away from but has to figure out how. Pearl is struggling to gain funds to secure a future for her and her daughter. The paths Hilda and Pearl travel takes us on roads of twist and turns that keep us saying wow. This is going on during the very turbulent times of black people fighting to put an end to being disregarded, disrespected, treated like less than and beaten/killed.

This novel allows us to feel what some went through and as they fought for change. We also see lies, secrets, acts of violence and revenge come to the forefront to possibly ruin lives.


These tales of righted wrongs are definitely something to experience.

Once again, Alvin L.A. Horn has created an eclectic mixture of characters and drama in One Safe Place, which is straight out of Washington state and centers around crime, love, family, friends, foes, trust, righting wrongs and protecting.  As we embark on these journeys, we collide with thunderous dilemmas and willful deeds that are crime ladened.

A former secret service agent Psalms Black has lived his life helping others that were in need.  He goes about life helping people come to that one safe place.  He exact revenge for them and issues lessons to the offenders. Pair him with the former Secretary of State of the United States, Gabrielle Brandywine and we see the lives of a very powerful couple.

While Psalms Black and his people use a multitude of abilities and resources to complete missions bestowed upon them, they grow closer and closer and solidify their bonds and loyalties.  These tales of righted wrongs are definitely something to experience.

I give this novel 4 stars

a novel that is engagingly full of adventure, suspense and of course romance….

Safe in My Arms is the story of Amina “Mina” Gaines and Jacob “Jake” Wolfe.  Mina is working alongside her grandfather running a lodge in the mountain area in North Carolina.  They were out hiking when they saw a plane crash and went to give help, which is how she met DEA agent Jake Wolfe.  As Jake worked to bring down a drug kingpin, their relationship blossomed.

Janice Sims penned a novel that is engagingly full of adventure, suspense and of course romance.  This story will keep you reading and wondering while anticipating the release of the story of the next Gaines’ sisters.

I give this story 5 stars, August 13, 2014

a provocatively fasted-paced chilling read….

Body Snatchers 2 by ROZÉ was a provocatively fasted-paced chilling read.  As I revisited the Body Snatchers and experienced the Pretty Posse, all I could say was wow.  This action packed, drama filled novel full of so much grit, gumption and nerve that I remained on the edge of my seat the entire ride. The Body Snatchers eluded the FBI and New York Police and made it safely to Haiti where they established a great name and reputation for themselves.  They helped the local people while still mourning the death of David, their other twin leader.  The Pretty Posse remained in New York and continued the tradition of the Body Snatchers, all to get revenge on the Governor for David’s death. They went after the Governor’s right hand, his Advisor, Timothy Waters and while attempting to extract information and plans from him, they learn startling info and devises a new plan accordingly.  While still planning get back at that Governor, they add another element, the kidnapping an FBI Agent’s daughter then getting to Haiti to warn the Body Snatchers of an impending assault.  

ROZÉ penned a riveting tale that, yet again, had me rooting for the criminals.  You witness loyalty, devotion, caring and love.  Not only will your emotions be on a ride, but so will your imagination as you brace yourself for “what’s next” and are still surprised.

I give this novel 4 stars, May 17, 2014

an engaging read that kept one anticipating what’s next….

A-Town Veteran is a very good read.  Once again I found myself rooting for the bad guy, which is not my normal at all. Cole Hart penned a novel about some of the “ganstas” of Atlanta that was an engaging read that kept one anticipating what’s next.  I found myself submerged in the lives of these people and hoping for success for some of them.

Mr. Hart thoroughly delved into the life of one in particular, Terry “Young Hollywood” Keys.  Though out this novel we witness his progressions in life from the early street time, through his climb, his family life and his time incarcerated.  While incarcerated he connects with the father that he never knew, one of which had he own fame.  We also travel the journeys of this father and several of the players of the Atlanta scene and become immersed in their lives.

With all that said this novel however, needs to be edited as the errors are distracting and makes one read lines more than once to decipher the meaning or what it should say.  Once done, this novel would definitely climb in its ratings.  I hope he does a Part II as I would love to explore the continuation of these stories and will be looking for his other works as well.

I give this novel 3.5 stars, September 8, 2012

WOW….this is thrilling suspense and an adventure, for sure!! LOVED IT!!

Con Test: Double Life

Con Test is a novel with a story within a story, that kept my mind reeling.  As the plots grew and thickened, I felt like I was plunged smack dab in to the center of this drama, thrilling suspense and adventure!  Great imagery, fantastic details, masterful character development, engaging story line…..just a few descriptions for this novel written in a fastidious manner with a plot thickening to the point of “wow”, repeatedly.

As this tale (these tales) of a famed writer, William Fortune, who is penning novels surrounding identity theft unfolds, I was caught up in the realism as I could “see” it happening and I remained captivated.  Rahiem Brooks spun these tales around this author writing about a lead character who is an identity theft artist and the lives of them both.  One is taken from the criminal acts, through the escapes, catapulted into their lives, and taken for the ride-a-longs of the chases.

During the processes of capture and evading, several policing agencies are involved and they combat each other for the “top” spot.  These battles are subsequently used against them and definitely impact the outcome of the case, which only adds to the intrigue and realism of the novel. This is all made that more interesting, as the “police” don’t like how William Fortune portrays them.

As readers, we are left to marvel at the plot, twists, turns and adventures of these character and the others that make up this cast of Con Test.  Once we learn that the lead character is feeding the author the stories as they unfolded,  the suspense is heightened….especially when these two combat each other for “writing” the stories as they as told by the infamous Justice Lorenzo, as opposed to how the author, William Fortune, wants to tell them.   Then last, but definitely not least, add in greed, temptation and subterfuge on multiple levels and ….WOW!!  As the reader, I found myself rooting for the “bad guy” at many points throughout this novel.  Mr. Brooks, great job sir!!  I definitely await your next novel.


I give this novel 5 stars within 5 stars!!  December 21, 2011


Doing what you feel you have to until you can do better….

Ice by Will “Half & Half” Robbins was a very engaging and interesting read. Being an avid reader I wanted to open up my selections so I read this one just because I was asked to. I am glad I did. This book is filled with hard knocks, the street life, pains, hurts, wants, power and humor. I could “see” it as I read it.

Mr. Robbins did an exceptional job of telling some gritty, hard stories of people growing up in Elizabeth, New Jersey in an engagingly interesting and even funny manner. These are tales of people that do what they feel they have to do until you can do better; those choosing live the drug life and of those that want power are fast hitting, dangerous, drama filled and sad but there is triumph as well. 

I enjoyed this book tremendously and am waiting on his next one.

I gave this novel 4 stars when I read it the first time, 4/20/2010 and enjoyed it even more the second read.  October 23, 2011