the very engaging beginning of a great journey with many experiences….

Forever Beth Lost and Found by Elizabeth Cook-Howard is the very engaging beginning of a great journey with many experiences. This story centers around a Domestic Violence Case Worker, the brutal murder of a mother and her six year old daughter and a New York City veteran Detective.

Elizabeth “Beth” Morris is a Domestic Violence Case Worker from New York that is thrown in an abyss when two of the most important people in her life are murdered. These two aided in her climbing out of her own tragedy which was filled with abuse of all kinds, meretriciousness, extreme loss and almost her death. Also, they aided in her learning the deep capacity of love and how to give and receive it.

Because of the murders, she meets Detective Kevin Walker under extremely less desirous circumstances. He is very patient, understanding and caring towards her as his life has been hugely impacted by tragedy too. Detective Walker gets further involved with her while working to solve when danger lurks around her and her past resurfaces in her present. We get to witness those dangers, struggles, growth and someone who stays getting in her own way.

Mrs. Cook-Howard has a great story here, it needs to be cleaned up and edited, as it is a hard and at times confusing read. There are numerous times where you have to read something twice or even three times to understand it. I read all three and as a package, it is an awesomely engaging story!!

I give this novel 3 stars



Richelle Cooper

My contribution to the anthology has allowed me to realize how different the world of dating is for everyone.  As with anything we do in life, our views are either positive or negative depending on our experiences.  My hope is that although some of the stories have humor in them readers will learn things to help them along the way.

Three dating game rules for each woman;
1.  Life Jennings said it best: “Don’t be a nickel out here looking for a dime”.  Translation:  if you are looking for a high quality man, be a woman of high quality
2. Be yourself from day one.  If he doesn’t like the real you, it’s better to know early on than wait until your several months in.  No one has time to waste.  You can’t get it back.
3.  Communicate.  Be open minded.  Speak your mind respectfully and be approachable for him as well.

Trenekia Danielle

1.Has contributing to The Dating Game changed your views of dating from the male perspective? If so, can you please describe?

No. The $8 deal was about how the games we play in dating eventually hurts us and distracts us from personal growth and meaningful relationships.

2.List three key ingredients that you feel are essential to the “perfect” dating game.

A. Spirituality
B.  Honesty
C. Fun

3. How can readers contact you?

sometimes we don’t get it right and if given a chance, we learn such….

Thief of My Heart (Mills & Boon Kimani) (Kimani Hotties - Book 61)

Thief of My Heart is the for the third Gaines sister, Desiree who is a Psychologist.  She met her sister’s cousin-in-law, Decker Riley who is an attorney and simple gorgeous.  However, Desiree pegged him as sexy, smooth-talking lady’s man from the onset and she would not give him more than cordial greetings, as he was family after all.  Decker however, was totally taken with her and made valiant attempts to show her but she had no time for such as she is still dealing with the loss of her fiancé who she loved relentlessly.

Janice Sims has done it again, she penned an awesome tale that kept me totally engage and even emotional at points.  As we experience the journey of Desiree and Decker, we witness her change in prospective when he stops pursuing her.  She wonders if she was wrong about him and we also witness her finding  out if she was.

I give tale 5 stars.

We get to see if she can give him another chance and they can be reunited.

Janice Sim’s Mines by Christmas is a quaint short story that is the essence of choosing badly. This is exactly what Adam Benson did when he ended the relationship Sage Andrews and broke her heart. Years later, he tries to win her back and hopes to do so during a holiday weekend in Vienna. We get to see if she can give him another chance and they can be reunited.

a poignant tale that takes us on roads of twist and turns that keep us saying wow….

Clothesline Blues

Clothesline Blues by B. Berry is a poignant tale that brings in some of the many atrocities perpetrated against people because of the color of their skin. Ms. Berry penned a novel that takes the readers on many journeys with the main ones being those of Hilda and her best friend Pearl.

Hilda is saddled with a man she once loved and she determined to get him away from but has to figure out how. Pearl is struggling to gain funds to secure a future for her and her daughter. The paths Hilda and Pearl travel takes us on roads of twist and turns that keep us saying wow. This is going on during the very turbulent times of black people fighting to put an end to being disregarded, disrespected, treated like less than and beaten/killed.

This novel allows us to feel what some went through and as they fought for change. We also see lies, secrets, acts of violence and revenge come to the forefront to possibly ruin lives.

These tales of righted wrongs are definitely something to experience.

Once again, Alvin L.A. Horn has created an eclectic mixture of characters and drama in One Safe Place, which is straight out of Washington state and centers around crime, love, family, friends, foes, trust, righting wrongs and protecting.  As we embark on these journeys, we collide with thunderous dilemmas and willful deeds that are crime ladened.

A former secret service agent Psalms Black has lived his life helping others that were in need.  He goes about life helping people come to that one safe place.  He exact revenge for them and issues lessons to the offenders. Pair him with the former Secretary of State of the United States, Gabrielle Brandywine and we see the lives of a very powerful couple.

While Psalms Black and his people use a multitude of abilities and resources to complete missions bestowed upon them, they grow closer and closer and solidify their bonds and loyalties.  These tales of righted wrongs are definitely something to experience.

I give this novel 4 stars

witness the blooming of a potential romance and has us captivated with the suspense and thrill as titillating details unfold….

A Madaris Bride for Christmas by Brenda Jackson is an intriguing read from the onset.  It captures ones attention and has you wondering what’s next.  Great Grandma Laverne has been “match making” with her grandchildren and now great grandchildren.  At around 95 years of age, she is determined to see a wedding for each of them and she’s getting it done.  Well some of her lineage, won’t accept that and are determined to best her by picking and marrying their choice.  Well Lee Madaris is one of them and he sets out to do just that after a woman he sees from his balcony catches his eye and full attention.  Lee is the co-owner of an illustrious hotel in Las Vegas, which is the second one for him and his partner. His goal is to have the grandest hotel on the strip and he is doing just that.

Carly Briggs jumps at a chance to work as a Chef at one of the grandest hotels on the Las Vegas strip, especially after believing she witnessed a crime in Miami. For a treat to herself, she books a room at the hotel for one night and Lee happens to see her from a distance, then up close and personal. Later, he gets an idea and sets out to put it in motion if his hotel’s gorgeous new chef will agree to a marriage of convenience.  Will she agree….hmmmm? All this is further complicated when per Brenda Jackson “the danger that made Carly flee Miami is about to land at their door.” So Carly and Lee must decide who to trust, when to let go—and whether a love they never anticipated is strong enough to pass the ultimate test.”

Mrs. Jackson penned a tale that allows us to witness the blooming of a potential romance and has us captivated with the suspense and thrill as titillating details unfold.  This novel was a great 5 stars read that I thoroughly enjoyed. CONGRATULATIONS BRENDA JACKSON ON YOUR 100th Novel!!

December 10, 2013