novel that has the wow factor while one proclaims “damn” also….

My Love Won’t Last Forever 3: His Wife was an engagingly interesting novel with many twist and turns. This is the continuation of Malachi Chandler’s and Nyree Chandler’s journey. They were married, divorced and have still been involve over the last 20 years. Malachi decides he want Nyree as his forever at the time when she decides she’s done and moving on.

Jahzara Bradley penned a novel that has the wow factor while one proclaims “damn” also. It was very entertaining and one couldn’t wait for some characters to get theirs.


I give this novel 4 stars


journey of growth, success, acceptance and love


Hues (Limelight, #1) by Anita Davis is a journey of growth, success, acceptance and love. This is the story of highly sought after Supermodel, Liv Summers. She’s actually Phaedta Winters but she keeps her real identity hidden from everyone except her assistant whose also her make up artist and manager and her parents. Her superstar rise over the last 10 years has been steady and monumental. Then in comes another highly sought after industry professional, renowned photographer, Parker Anderson. He wants Liv for his yearly exhibit that presents during New York’s fashion week. His mind is set and no one else will do….she says no.

Ms. Davis penned a novel that invokes much emotions and thoughts in most of us, if not all. We get to become part of this journey as a spectator and maybe even a fan as we witness blooming, coming into and even more success.

I give this novel 5 stars!!!!!
Simply an awesome read.

this story leaps off the pages with vivid images as a movie leaping off the pages….  


Set in the 1920’s, this story leaps off the pages with vivid images as a movie leaping off the pages.  Love’s Serenade (Decades: A Journey of African American Romance Book 3) by Sheryl Lister is the journey of Leigh Jones and Miles Cooper from Magnolia, Arkansas and their love of music.

Mary Lee Johnson “Leigh Jones” leaves home and heads to New York to follow her dream to be a singer. Miles Cooper couldn’t forget the woman he left behind when he took some and headed on the road three years ago. They collide in Harlem, NY and he put things in motion to win her back. He has an enormous fight on his hand to prove he’s changed to her and for her.

Ms. Lister penned a vibrant tale that sings to us in vivid detail from the 1920’s. Such a fascinating experience and I’m sure you will enjoy it as much as I did!! Well done!!

a captivating tale that keeps us wondering “what’s next” and sometimes on a emotional rollercoaster….

Savannahs Secret
Savannah’s Secret by Reese Ryan was a very engaging read. Savannah Carlisle planned to get into the company built off what was stole from her grandfather. Blake Abbott is a member of the family own company and a gentleman. During a storm he checks on the company’s property and Savannah and she ends up spending the weekend with him. Their attractions bloom and she ends up caring his child.
Reese Ryan penned a captivating tale that keeps us wondering “what’s next” and sometimes on a emotional rollercoaster. Read the journey Savannah and Blake, you won’t be disappointed and we learn that Savannah wasn’t the only one with secrets. Great job Ms. Ryan, looking forward to the next one!!
I give this story 5 stars

This is an emotionally draining read that keeps you totally enthralled.



No Where Girl by Charles Davis is one of the grittiest, saddening, heart wrenching and dismaying stories that I have read. I was so rooting for young lady and life was no where promising for her.

This is the journey of Irene “Nena” who was born with death and extreme uncertainty in the mist. From the beginning of her life nothing happened as it “should have” and produced was a little girl that had no faith or belief in anything. As her life progressed, a one point this changed and even then, things weren’t as they seemed. Nena grew up in a state facility, had a chance at a family but ended back with the state. With all (and it was a lot) that happened to her, nothing crumbled her spirit which is what kept her alive.

Mr. Davis penned a novel that bring you to tears, have your wanting to fight for and with her and ultimately leaves a wow!! This is an emotionally draining read that keeps you totally enthralled.

A tale of caring, tenacity, determination and commitment….


On Fire by Patricia Sargeant is a tale of caring, tenacity, determination and commitment.
This is a story of a reporter, Sharon MacCabe that is full of caring, tenacity, determination and commitment.  She loves her city, where she was born and still resides and feels that the community has the right to know that news.  She reports with clarity and integrity.  She is assigned to the fire beat and working head strong to become an investigative reporter.  To this end she wrote her stories with more info, more facts and did more digging to obtain such.
Matthew Payton is a great fire fighter and investigator.  After the reporters in Pittsburgh launched a campaign that deemed him the arsonist that was terrorizing the city and even killed his sister is one of those blazes, he leaves and starts existing elsewhere.  He ends up is Charleston, WV as the new Fire Captain and has no use for the press.
Ms. Sargeant spun a tale that kept one engaged on numerous levels….emotional, curiosity, suspense and knowledge.  We see these two working together and witness their feelings growing for each other. We get to see how this story unfolds and whether they can last.
This is an awesome story that keeps us on edge and wondering.
This is a forthright review of a novel given to me for review purposes.
I give this novel 5 stars easily.

a tale of young woman who wants to be a singer


Black Reign by Sherrod Tunstall is a tale of young woman who wants to be a singer. It recounts the successes, pitfalls, relationships and naysayers.

It is extremely hard to address the story when the errors are so prevalent that you get frustrated with the story. I am a story driven reader and I could see the timeliness of the story and how it could happen but I rolled my eyes at all the “perfect body” people in the story, the detailed descriptions of what was being worn and car descriptions at every turn. However, to address the story, more gut was needed into why Ashley and Autumn relationship is so lacking and outside of a dinner and the Mother’s talk with Autumn, the father was MIA yet he was the only family member that was supportive of her career choice.