journey of growth, success, acceptance and love


Hues (Limelight, #1) by Anita Davis is a journey of growth, success, acceptance and love. This is the story of highly sought after Supermodel, Liv Summers. She’s actually Phaedta Winters but she keeps her real identity hidden from everyone except her assistant whose also her make up artist and manager and her parents. Her superstar rise over the last 10 years has been steady and monumental. Then in comes another highly sought after industry professional, renowned photographer, Parker Anderson. He wants Liv for his yearly exhibit that presents during New York’s fashion week. His mind is set and no one else will do….she says no.

Ms. Davis penned a novel that invokes much emotions and thoughts in most of us, if not all. We get to become part of this journey as a spectator and maybe even a fan as we witness blooming, coming into and even more success.

I give this novel 5 stars!!!!!
Simply an awesome read.