A tale of caring, tenacity, determination and commitment….


On Fire by Patricia Sargeant is a tale of caring, tenacity, determination and commitment.
This is a story of a reporter, Sharon MacCabe that is full of caring, tenacity, determination and commitment.  She loves her city, where she was born and still resides and feels that the community has the right to know that news.  She reports with clarity and integrity.  She is assigned to the fire beat and working head strong to become an investigative reporter.  To this end she wrote her stories with more info, more facts and did more digging to obtain such.
Matthew Payton is a great fire fighter and investigator.  After the reporters in Pittsburgh launched a campaign that deemed him the arsonist that was terrorizing the city and even killed his sister is one of those blazes, he leaves and starts existing elsewhere.  He ends up is Charleston, WV as the new Fire Captain and has no use for the press.
Ms. Sargeant spun a tale that kept one engaged on numerous levels….emotional, curiosity, suspense and knowledge.  We see these two working together and witness their feelings growing for each other. We get to see how this story unfolds and whether they can last.
This is an awesome story that keeps us on edge and wondering.
This is a forthright review of a novel given to me for review purposes.
I give this novel 5 stars easily.

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