We don’t just read it, we experience their journey as well.


Giving My All to You by Sheryl Lister is an awesome read. This is the saga of Faith Alexander and Brandon Gray. We are pitched right into their will we be or won’t we be. We are held totally enchanted by their interactions and repartee.

Faith comes to Los Angeles in search of her father and before she gets to it, she is involved in a traffic incident that she has to be rescued. The first person at the scene does so and it’s Brandon.
Brandon just has to see that the woman he witnessed getting hurt while driving home was taken care of and had her belongings that he was determined to deliver personally. So, he stayed in the hospital until she was awakened and gave her the belongings that he retrieved from her car. However, once she awakened, he was immediately besotted and she was total enthralled.
Faith finally meets her father and during a later visit, learns that he is a partner in the company that Brandon’s family owns after her father reveals her inheritance. Now, she has to figure out how to tell him since she knows of his disdain for having a Vice President at the company.
Sheryl Lister pens a story that entertains and engages us. We don’t just read it, we experience their journey as well.
I give this book 5 stars!!

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