Richelle Cooper

My contribution to the anthology has allowed me to realize how different the world of dating is for everyone.  As with anything we do in life, our views are either positive or negative depending on our experiences.  My hope is that although some of the stories have humor in them readers will learn things to help them along the way.

Three dating game rules for each woman;
1.  Life Jennings said it best: “Don’t be a nickel out here looking for a dime”.  Translation:  if you are looking for a high quality man, be a woman of high quality
2. Be yourself from day one.  If he doesn’t like the real you, it’s better to know early on than wait until your several months in.  No one has time to waste.  You can’t get it back.
3.  Communicate.  Be open minded.  Speak your mind respectfully and be approachable for him as well.

Trenekia Danielle

1.Has contributing to The Dating Game changed your views of dating from the male perspective? If so, can you please describe?

No. The $8 deal was about how the games we play in dating eventually hurts us and distracts us from personal growth and meaningful relationships.

2.List three key ingredients that you feel are essential to the “perfect” dating game.

A. Spirituality
B.  Honesty
C. Fun

3. How can readers contact you?


sometimes we don’t get it right and if given a chance, we learn such….

Thief of My Heart (Mills & Boon Kimani) (Kimani Hotties - Book 61)

Thief of My Heart is the for the third Gaines sister, Desiree who is a Psychologist.  She met her sister’s cousin-in-law, Decker Riley who is an attorney and simple gorgeous.  However, Desiree pegged him as sexy, smooth-talking lady’s man from the onset and she would not give him more than cordial greetings, as he was family after all.  Decker however, was totally taken with her and made valiant attempts to show her but she had no time for such as she is still dealing with the loss of her fiancé who she loved relentlessly.

Janice Sims has done it again, she penned an awesome tale that kept me totally engage and even emotional at points.  As we experience the journey of Desiree and Decker, we witness her change in prospective when he stops pursuing her.  She wonders if she was wrong about him and we also witness her finding  out if she was.

I give tale 5 stars.