WOW!! This novel is penned in vivid color with its own musical hue.

Perfect Circle by Alvin L.A. Horn is a very engagingly intriguing read that is penned in vivid color with its own musical hue.  One is captured by the diverse lives of the characters as curiosity is assuaged by explaining the eclectic mixtures of whys.  As one is taken on the journeys of these characters we become so immersed that we are right there, front and center watching things unfold. 

The primary male characters are basketball coaches at East Seattle City University and best friends.  As we experience life through their eyes, thoughts, acts and deeds, we experience a range of emotions that are constantly up and down.  You see, feel and are submerged in Ayman Sparks’, Head Coach and Sterlin Baylor’s, Assistant Coach love for each other….what an absolutely wonderful experience.  Ayman lives his life paying close attention to how things will entwine and is accountable for such.  Sterlin lives the playboy life style until it starts unraveling at the hands of others.  These two are so different that it adds additional layering throughout their stories and depicts acceptance and caring while staying steadfast in one’s beliefs.

Then there’s the primary female characters, Lois Mae who is a College Professor and Vanita Irving, a Court Reporter.  Lois has a very tumultuous history with men; current prospectives are non-existent, so she starts meeting men to date through dating websites.  Vanita fledges constantly due to bouts of depression and we witness how this make major impacts on her existence. I experienced a cornucopia of emotions/feelings as these two are encapsulated in the results of changes/beliefs of today surrounding dating and “looks” while the forever existing problems prevail. How they handle and dwell with them are vastly different and gives us views that are very intriguing and draw you further into their stories.

There’s an eclectic mixture of secondary characters that are seasoned throughout and fit perfectly, without distracting from the main characters or impeding on remembering who’s who. I compliment Mr. Horn for doing this exceptional well.  This is one of few novels that I have read and was not left wanting at the end. This was simply a wonderful experience.

I give this novel 5 stars.  January 26, 2013


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