a provocatively fasted-paced chilling read….

Body Snatchers 2 by ROZÉ was a provocatively fasted-paced chilling read.  As I revisited the Body Snatchers and experienced the Pretty Posse, all I could say was wow.  This action packed, drama filled novel full of so much grit, gumption and nerve that I remained on the edge of my seat the entire ride. The Body Snatchers eluded the FBI and New York Police and made it safely to Haiti where they established a great name and reputation for themselves.  They helped the local people while still mourning the death of David, their other twin leader.  The Pretty Posse remained in New York and continued the tradition of the Body Snatchers, all to get revenge on the Governor for David’s death. They went after the Governor’s right hand, his Advisor, Timothy Waters and while attempting to extract information and plans from him, they learn startling info and devises a new plan accordingly.  While still planning get back at that Governor, they add another element, the kidnapping an FBI Agent’s daughter then getting to Haiti to warn the Body Snatchers of an impending assault.  

ROZÉ penned a riveting tale that, yet again, had me rooting for the criminals.  You witness loyalty, devotion, caring and love.  Not only will your emotions be on a ride, but so will your imagination as you brace yourself for “what’s next” and are still surprised.

I give this novel 4 stars, May 17, 2014


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