a novel that held you enticingly enthralled from the onset….

 Trice Hickman penned a novel that held you enticingly enthralled from the onset.  Break All My Rules is the journey of Erica Stanford who was born of wealth and is an owner of an upscale boutique and Jerome Kimbrough who is a street savvy sanitation worker and dedicated father that has changed his life’s path.

This tale begins when these two meet during jury duty and there’s an instant attraction.  As they try to build a future, their union is plagued with drama from the people around them from non-associates to family to ex‘s .  Having to deal with the obvious differences of their life styles and upbringings, things are farther complicated by their family, familial connections and others that are doing things that add strife to their struggling beginning.   We witness their trials and triumphs then a long held secret explodes…. read this 5 star novel and see if their love can endure.  I thoroughly enjoyed this one.

March 26, 2013



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