Wow….a great experience!!

Body Snatchers by Rozé is more than a great read, this is an experience!! Few times I have found myself rooting for the bad guys. This was an engagingly exciting read that was fast paced and enthralling.

Body Snatchers is a based on the saga of twin brothers that left poverty ridden Haiti at the urging of their mother and the expectancy of a better life. These two came to America in the way we have seen so many travels, via boat, into Florida and having to scramble to land amid threat of death or capture and return. However, they left a dangerous tedious situation back in Haiti that would haunt them in later days. Once in America and situated in New York, they fell into the street life style quickly. Their chosen path soon changes for a more treacherous, devious and dangerous one that results in terrorizing this entire city. They did this with the aid of other Haitians that they met alone the way but primarily at school. We witness the destruction that lay wait in the path that they travel and the involvement of countless others.

Rozé crafted a novel that consistently put the readers on the edge as they anticipate what’s going to happen next. I am fully anticipating more work from this author.

I give this novel 5 stars, July 6, 2012



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