an engaging read that kept one anticipating what’s next….

A-Town Veteran is a very good read.  Once again I found myself rooting for the bad guy, which is not my normal at all. Cole Hart penned a novel about some of the “ganstas” of Atlanta that was an engaging read that kept one anticipating what’s next.  I found myself submerged in the lives of these people and hoping for success for some of them.

Mr. Hart thoroughly delved into the life of one in particular, Terry “Young Hollywood” Keys.  Though out this novel we witness his progressions in life from the early street time, through his climb, his family life and his time incarcerated.  While incarcerated he connects with the father that he never knew, one of which had he own fame.  We also travel the journeys of this father and several of the players of the Atlanta scene and become immersed in their lives.

With all that said this novel however, needs to be edited as the errors are distracting and makes one read lines more than once to decipher the meaning or what it should say.  Once done, this novel would definitely climb in its ratings.  I hope he does a Part II as I would love to explore the continuation of these stories and will be looking for his other works as well.

I give this novel 3.5 stars, September 8, 2012


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