WOW….this is thrilling suspense and an adventure, for sure!! LOVED IT!!

Con Test: Double Life

Con Test is a novel with a story within a story, that kept my mind reeling.  As the plots grew and thickened, I felt like I was plunged smack dab in to the center of this drama, thrilling suspense and adventure!  Great imagery, fantastic details, masterful character development, engaging story line…..just a few descriptions for this novel written in a fastidious manner with a plot thickening to the point of “wow”, repeatedly.

As this tale (these tales) of a famed writer, William Fortune, who is penning novels surrounding identity theft unfolds, I was caught up in the realism as I could “see” it happening and I remained captivated.  Rahiem Brooks spun these tales around this author writing about a lead character who is an identity theft artist and the lives of them both.  One is taken from the criminal acts, through the escapes, catapulted into their lives, and taken for the ride-a-longs of the chases.

During the processes of capture and evading, several policing agencies are involved and they combat each other for the “top” spot.  These battles are subsequently used against them and definitely impact the outcome of the case, which only adds to the intrigue and realism of the novel. This is all made that more interesting, as the “police” don’t like how William Fortune portrays them.

As readers, we are left to marvel at the plot, twists, turns and adventures of these character and the others that make up this cast of Con Test.  Once we learn that the lead character is feeding the author the stories as they unfolded,  the suspense is heightened….especially when these two combat each other for “writing” the stories as they as told by the infamous Justice Lorenzo, as opposed to how the author, William Fortune, wants to tell them.   Then last, but definitely not least, add in greed, temptation and subterfuge on multiple levels and ….WOW!!  As the reader, I found myself rooting for the “bad guy” at many points throughout this novel.  Mr. Brooks, great job sir!!  I definitely await your next novel.


I give this novel 5 stars within 5 stars!!  December 21, 2011



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