Upbeat, fast paced, engagingly intriguing read

WOW….this was a great novel!

I braced myself for what was coming for sure….SEX.  I knew that as it is promoted as an erotica tale.  I was very interested in delving into a whole story and not just sex for the sake of it.  I was not disappointed at all as Envy Red penned a tale that kept you captivated from the very beginning.  This is a story of Sidney and her two best friends, Nina and Jade.  It takes you through the perils and tragedy of Sidney’s family life to the move that connected her and Nina thus their friendship ensued.  As it unfolds Jade rounds of the three and they are living their lives to the fullest on their own terms.

These three highly successful women participate in “the life” and we witness many parts of their sexual appetite, endeavors and adventures alone with the other participants of such.  Their regular routine is interrupted when Washington, DC is gripped by a sexual predator serial killer.

The twist and turns in this book keeps one pondering what’s next as you are immersed into the lives of these three women; Kenny, Sidney’s brother and a host of characters that are integral parts of their lives.  Kudos to this author for crafting a tale that is full of hard hitting life issues, success, adventure, togetherness and thrill.  I give this novel 4.5 stars.  October 27, 2011


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