Interestingly engaging read

What Happens Overseas Stays Overseas is an interestingly engaging read that gives some of us that have not experienced sea life a “small” glimpse of what it “can” be like because as we know, good fiction includes some facts. Gregg Burton wrote this novel in a way that as one is reading it, they experience the story as it unfolds and unwinds.

This tale is about the happenings surrounding the enlisted that are heading for, then on a tour for six months on the USS George Washington Carver. The noted players are Petty Officer Green, who is a disgruntled wife that is elated to be going on this tour as it gets her away from her husband. Petty Officer Mils, the lady’s man with a heart and that heart is locked on one lady. Petty Officer Whitehead who can’t wait until this last tour is over so she can start the rest of her life with her fiancé Chris. Seaman Johnson who is noted as pretty and she didn’t grasp the need for boundaries on this deployment as she set forward to get what she wanted and/or felt she deserved. AZ1 Thomas who is an interesting person behind an “image” that just might not be what it seems. Petty Officer Williams, an impressionable 21 year old that actions border on delusional at times. When these characters are mixed, matched and mingled, a grouping of interestingly engaging stories ensue.

As I read this tale, I was captured by the imagery and details that kept me engrossed from beginning to end while even wondering what’s next. I was held hostage by the ease in reading and my eagerness to see “how this or that is going to play out”. This was definitely a “good read” and I would surely love to know some more of how some of these “stories” play out as I was definitely left wanting.

I give this novel four stars.  November 11, 2011


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