Experiencing The Scenario unfold is sensually fabulous!! ((smiling))

The dialogue between Psoemetry and The Ebony Poet is simply awesome and it that definitely adds to the allure and sensuality that is provoked by the imagery as you read though.  The collaboration of these two was fabulous….you feel it, see it, experience it!  This is feel good reading from beginning to end, yes indeed!!

Psoemetry and The Ebony Poet spun a tale within a tale of a once famous writer that “lost her pen” with the death of her #1 fan and husband. Now alone, her family persisted and aided with her engaging on the internet.  She “met” another writer that encouraged her to write with him. From there they delved into “passion, romance and fantasy” then real life steps in….and they met.  Read The Scenario to see it unfold, it is well worth a read!!  I give this story 5 stars.  January 6, 2012


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