action, romance, drama and sports….great combination!!

Regina Hart has written a simple story filled with complexities and excitement.  This basketball driven romance is simply delicious and I enjoyed it very much.  In Fast Break, a former Brooklyn basketball star returns home to coach a history filled second rate team, that wasn’t always second rate.  He waltzes into a tension filled situation that is dressed in deceit, manipulation, hate and controversy wrapped in many egos….wooo weee!!


While DeMarcus Guinn assumes the head coaching position with his father’s favorite basketball team he is confronted with some near impossible situations that are compounded with him falling in love with one of the team’s owners, Jaclyn Jones.   Jaclyn Jones, a former WNBA superstar, is fighting to save her family’s legacy and plans to do so at all cost.  While these two battle the forces that have allowed this team to became the worst team in the NBA, they battle finding the footing with each other as well.   Dive into this engaging novel and see if love wins….


I give this novel 4 stars and eagerly await her next one.  Very good job Regina Hart.  August 17, 2011


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