a collection of quick reads that has something for various taste….

Rendezvous: Guiltless Pleasures by L.A. Smith, Starr Noble, Krystol and Black Angle Publishers is a collection of quick reads that has something for various taste. Some includes some of my favorite things in a story….engaging story lines accompanied by good characters.

The first story in this anthology is Picture Perfect by L.A. Smith (which is my favorite) is the story of Quincy (Peanut) and Bethani Bee) and as it unfolded, I was glued to the pages and fully engaged in the details of these two as they grew up from 4th grade to adulthood and remain connected in one way or another.  This was penned is the way that one anticipates, what’s next while delving into all the things and “conversations” that are occurring.

The second story, The Competition by Starr Noble is a detailed but short story of two people that meet at their children’s swim meet and take a chance with each other.  Will the past interfere with them making a future together, it’s worth the read to find out.

The third story The Honeymooners by Krystol is an story is a story of a couple that ventures from their wedding through their honeymoon and in some fantasies as well. This one left me wondering of the thoughts of the writer.  It was definitely thought provoking and tapped into various emotions for me.

The fourth story Torn in Two by Black Angle Publishers is a story of a powerful woman, Kirstin, that established her foot hold in the business world at a young age and built an empire in the process.  During business dealings, she comes across Warren and is intrigued with the “man” to say the least. Read the this short and to the point story and watch what blossomed.

I give this anthology 4 stars and look forward to enjoying some of their others works.  April 25, 2012


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