Wow….this is an intricately woven and emotionally engaging drama that keeps you totally engrossed!!

Elizabeth Funderbirk has crafted a story that is action driven and chucked full of emotional tidal waves.  For me, it was also educational and tested my beliefs, convictions and confirmed the need for boundaries.  Love Torn Asunder is comprised of a host of characters but each is essential in their roles as this author fluidly moves from one course to another.  Leslie is the main character and the center of this thoroughly told story of her life, choices, deeds, deception and the effects of such on her and those that love her.  Leslie is a steady and secure woman until an extended separation from the one she loves sends her traveling down a road lined with deception and manipulation cloaked in caring and friendship.  With her feelings of loneliness, her allowing people to get in her ear thus head, she ventures down a road that up heaves her life in ways that could be detrimental herself, to all that she has built and those that she loves. 

Love Torn Asunder is a tale of choice that is a great conversational piece as it taps on so many actions and situations that we face in our everyday lives. I must commend this author on the way she penned this story in the voices of each character as they took the forefront at their given times.  Ms. Funderbirk did an excellent job in developing these characters and with their own voices.  In doing so, it lead to an interesting read that kept me totally engrossed and anxious to “hear” what happened next….yes, I said hear as this book reads as if the characters are each telling their own stories.

Torn is an on-point depiction of this book and what can become of its effects as it is thought provoking, trying, full of personal growth and acceptance.  Chi-Town Reading Circle and I have fully anticipated this book and it was well worth the wait.  By the way Love Torn Asunder ended, I know there has to be more and I am fully anticipating it as well….took every in me for me not to contact this author and ask just a few questions.

For her first time out the gate, she did an exceptional job and I can assure you that she will be around for a long time to come producing this kind of work.  Kudos to Elizabeth Funderbirk for a story well told!!  I give this premier novel 5 stars easily.  April 10, 2011


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