This is s familial, timely drama full of action and suspense….


by Chamsil

Rhea Alexis’ review
rating: 5 of 5 stars

August 4, 2010
recommended for: everyone

This is s familial, timely drama full of action and suspense….actually a very good, quick read. You are taken on a journey that explores choices and their impact on others. This journey centers around a family….mother, father and daughter and follows these three and the others in their lives as they go on with the business of living. Being a huge proponent of ownership of the choices we make and the resulting outcomes and occurrences of such, this was an intensely touching and emotional read for me. I definitely recommend it and would hope that the lessons touched on will be devoured and absorbed by some. I am actually ordering two more copies as we speak as gifts for two young fathers that I know.

Chamsil told this timely story in a way that kept you engaged and waiting for the next thing to happen. I commend him on his diversity as I have read other forms of his writing and have so appreciated such as well. Great job telling this story that is impacting our communities so much with it’s residual effects.


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