This book was thought provoking, fuel for my imagination and a comfort while it saddened me as well.

Never having experienced a father’s love didn’t resonate with me until I heard someone point out what the lack of it did to a female.  I disagreed as I didn’t see myself as that and/or in that light.  After realizing some things, I took a closer look at me than watched myself consistently as well as females around me.  I wanted to see, learn….I did.  This book was thought provoking, fuel for my imagination and a comfort.  It addressed so many of those “things” and it makes me sad but even more determined to make sure the males in my life know what they can do to their daughters.

In this time when we have so many young fathers, this collection of “Letters To My Daughters” could be a teaching tool, even a blueprint to learn from.  Mr. Avery has penned life long lessons in prose the is easily understood and enjoyed.  It could also encourage and make even plant so seeds in the minds of our females.  I love Discipline and Love, I am experiencing these moments with my young adults now….hence the comfort and Stay True To You is one that many females today need to read, hear see and feel.  There are moments like this through out this collection and I am glad to have experienced it.

I am currently on my second read.  Thank you sir for another great collection of poetry that is so timely and engaging.  I give this 5 stars.  July 1, 2011


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