sensual, compassionate, quick read that puts me in a thought frame of sensual rhapsody

I truly enjoyed this book….puts me in a thought frame of sensual rhapsody.  This prose is presented in way where as I read it, I got more comfortable. It is definitely feel good reading.  🙂  Lay Your Head On My Chest just resonates with my soul.  I am smiling as I write about it.  Body Talk, just makes me smile and others…..woooo wheeee!!  Yes, this is feel good reading that is comforting, sexy, sensual and heartwarming even those that were thought provoking and raised other feelings much like Death Talked To Me.  

Mr. Scott-Irving tackled many phases of life from feel good to sex to struggles to pain, yet we can relate to them all….some more than others for sure.  As I read many emotions came to the surface and once I was done, they remained and I just languished within them.

I can see this becoming one of my favorite books for sure. Torey Scott-Irving you did a great job and I look forward to reading more works written by him.  July 19, 2011


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