Poignant, provocative, hard-hitting drama

Being a huge fan of romance, I have ventured into reading things that are different. This was a great selection as it is a poignant, provocative, hard-hitting story at a period in the life of a man during his time in prison and after, as dictated by the choices that he made. In this story the men are brought together by various circumstances, and the perils that they meet as they chase/went for the risky, quick, easy, fast dollars….which is the foundation/basics to them. Their scams, trickery, slickness and violence weave an explosive tale that one cannot put down.

Mr. Mendez brilliantly wrote a fast paced, gritty, easy reading story that keeps you fully engaged and wound up for the next thing to happen. The twists and turns keep you going and even anxious to get to the next part. I commend him on writing a story that anyone can read and enjoy as if it were a fast paced action movie. This would also make a very dramatically exciting audio book.

I give E.O.S. 4.5 stars.
April 26, 2010


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