Gritty, detailed, excitGREAT READ!ing drama full of the imagery of a movie and many twist and turns.


2nd run cover2nd run cover


August 24, 2010

Laugh Now is a gritty, detailed, exciting novel full of the imagery of a movie with many twist and turns.  As the lives of Kareem and Andre Bezel unfold we experience the adventures, dangers and successes of their chosen paths.  Each brother ventures into the criminal world as they chase the easy and fast dollar while marinating in the successes that it brings.  There are so many characters that impact their everyday lives as well as their illegal dealings that it can make one think twice about people that we deal with everyday.


I commend Mr. Brooks on his first novel that is a thoroughly written story full of full of details and descriptions that make the reader feel like he/she is right there witnessing these activities as they unfold.  This would make a very good, fast paced movie that I would truly enjoy.  Looking forward to this one continuing….




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