a raw, blatant, disturbing, inspiring story to read….

If you want a raw, blatant, disturbing, inspiring story to read, “Who Said It Couldn’t Be Done?” by Denise Jones is such a book.  I have not read such an honest and thorough look at a side of life that I have seen but not lived and couldn’t understand since I read Dopefiend by Donald Goines during August of 1975.  Wow….I am afraid that I can’t do this book justice but I will write this review of this hurtful, powerful novel and experiences of this woman as I feel it.  Having witnessed first-hand the actions of some dopefiends and results of others actions as I grew up near 47th Street in Chicago, I knew many of the truths when I read them.

Denise Jones has written a story that is filled with despair, fear, hopeless and pain as it goes on until she chooses another path for her life to take.  This story spans the avenues of neglect, abuse, unfairness, unfair child labor, drugs, rape, chosen lesbianism, crimes, pimping, fear, near death….and I could go on and on.  As she recounts her life, one sees these activities as they unfold and at many times with awe and shock.  This story has answered or helped me learn of things that I have been curious about for nearly 36 years.

Ms. Jones did an exceptional job telling her story that literally keeps you wondering “what else could possibly happen to her but death” and there was always something else.  As this woman survived then learned to live after given up her street life for one of hope, faith, strength and fortitude I cheered her on and rooted for her successes.  Denise Jones I convey to you that I appreciate you sharing your story, applaud your thoroughness and honesty as this story is destined to help someone.

It is very hard to rate this book as this is someone’s life, who’s to say what rating it should have as it just is.   I give this novel 5 stars for its honesty and thoroughness.  I give 5 stars to the gift of experiencing this raw, blatant, disturbing, inspiring story.   I give this story 5 stars because of the survival and triumph.  I give this author 5 stars for sharing her story and living through it!!  July 19, 2011


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