witness the blooming of a potential romance and has us captivated with the suspense and thrill as titillating details unfold….

A Madaris Bride for Christmas by Brenda Jackson is an intriguing read from the onset.  It captures ones attention and has you wondering what’s next.  Great Grandma Laverne has been “match making” with her grandchildren and now great grandchildren.  At around 95 years of age, she is determined to see a wedding for each of them and she’s getting it done.  Well some of her lineage, won’t accept that and are determined to best her by picking and marrying their choice.  Well Lee Madaris is one of them and he sets out to do just that after a woman he sees from his balcony catches his eye and full attention.  Lee is the co-owner of an illustrious hotel in Las Vegas, which is the second one for him and his partner. His goal is to have the grandest hotel on the strip and he is doing just that.

Carly Briggs jumps at a chance to work as a Chef at one of the grandest hotels on the Las Vegas strip, especially after believing she witnessed a crime in Miami. For a treat to herself, she books a room at the hotel for one night and Lee happens to see her from a distance, then up close and personal. Later, he gets an idea and sets out to put it in motion if his hotel’s gorgeous new chef will agree to a marriage of convenience.  Will she agree….hmmmm? All this is further complicated when per Brenda Jackson “the danger that made Carly flee Miami is about to land at their door.” So Carly and Lee must decide who to trust, when to let go—and whether a love they never anticipated is strong enough to pass the ultimate test.”

Mrs. Jackson penned a tale that allows us to witness the blooming of a potential romance and has us captivated with the suspense and thrill as titillating details unfold.  This novel was a great 5 stars read that I thoroughly enjoyed. CONGRATULATIONS BRENDA JACKSON ON YOUR 100th Novel!!

December 10, 2013


a provocative tale that entraps us in a web that keeps us right there awaiting the next turn….

A Perfect Affair by Lutishia Lovely was a very enticing and engaging read.  I wanted to climb into that book, hurt somebody a few times, and shake to mess out of a couple other times.  A Perfect Affair is a provocative tale that centers around an award-winning biologist, Randall Atwater and a freelance writer, Jacqueline Tate. They meet at a scientific conference on trends and technology in which she is there to do a feature story on him for Science Today.  She is immediately drawn to this handsome, brainy, attentive, and reserved man.  During this week long conference, she becomes determined to make him hers.  

Jacqueline sets out to woo and get the man she has fancied herself in love with and will pull out all stops to do so.  This she does despite him having a wife, Sherri and two children at home. As we experience this tale of love, determination and other elements, we are caught up in an emotional spiral of manipulation, lies, trickery and deception. All to what cost?  Ms. Lovely spun a tale that entraps us in a web that keeps us right there awaiting the next turn, act, deed and reaction.

I give this novel 5 stars,  April 27, 2014

a novel that is engagingly full of adventure, suspense and of course romance….

Safe in My Arms is the story of Amina “Mina” Gaines and Jacob “Jake” Wolfe.  Mina is working alongside her grandfather running a lodge in the mountain area in North Carolina.  They were out hiking when they saw a plane crash and went to give help, which is how she met DEA agent Jake Wolfe.  As Jake worked to bring down a drug kingpin, their relationship blossomed.

Janice Sims penned a novel that is engagingly full of adventure, suspense and of course romance.  This story will keep you reading and wondering while anticipating the release of the story of the next Gaines’ sisters.

I give this story 5 stars, August 13, 2014

an intriguing continuation of suspense and mystery that’s accented with love, romance and family….

A Man’s Promise by Brenda Jackson is an intriguing continuation of suspense and mystery that’s accented with love, romance and family.  Mrs. Jackson penned a novel that keeps us guessing and teetering on the edge of our seats.  I was drawn completely into this continuum of the Granger Brothers Series. 

Caden Granger is a highly sought after and successful sax player that leads a band.  He left home and dedicated himself to his music after his mother being murdered; his father was convicted of killing her and after losing the love of his life.  He returns home at the request of his grandfather and stays to fulfill a promise after his death. 

Shiloh Timmons returns home after to open a wine boutique, to a severed relationship with her mother and attempted to inform her former love of what ended their relationship but he would not hear her.

We experience the journey of what their returns home brings about as well as the continued quest to find out who killed Sylvia Granger.

I give this novel 5 stars, July 8, 2014

a provocatively fasted-paced chilling read….

Body Snatchers 2 by ROZÉ was a provocatively fasted-paced chilling read.  As I revisited the Body Snatchers and experienced the Pretty Posse, all I could say was wow.  This action packed, drama filled novel full of so much grit, gumption and nerve that I remained on the edge of my seat the entire ride. The Body Snatchers eluded the FBI and New York Police and made it safely to Haiti where they established a great name and reputation for themselves.  They helped the local people while still mourning the death of David, their other twin leader.  The Pretty Posse remained in New York and continued the tradition of the Body Snatchers, all to get revenge on the Governor for David’s death. They went after the Governor’s right hand, his Advisor, Timothy Waters and while attempting to extract information and plans from him, they learn startling info and devises a new plan accordingly.  While still planning get back at that Governor, they add another element, the kidnapping an FBI Agent’s daughter then getting to Haiti to warn the Body Snatchers of an impending assault.  

ROZÉ penned a riveting tale that, yet again, had me rooting for the criminals.  You witness loyalty, devotion, caring and love.  Not only will your emotions be on a ride, but so will your imagination as you brace yourself for “what’s next” and are still surprised.

I give this novel 4 stars, May 17, 2014

A quick read that’s adventurous, drama filled, suspenseful and full of love….

This quick read took us on an adventurous journey that was drama filled, suspenseful and full of love.  To Love Again (in Valentine’s Fantasy) by Janice Sims is a tale that can be nightmarish at times and full of hurt that turned out really well.  Alana Calloway, a San Francisco caterer is still very much mourning the death of her police officer husband a year ago when a “visit” that includes a plea/warning from her dead husband, some flowers from a secret admirer and a note penned in the words of her dead husband.  This note sends her to visit a friend who was the partner of her dead husband, Nicholas Setera.  This visit brings to light suspicions, ideas and a searching for details.  In the process facts and feelings are exposed and we get to see will love win.

I give this story 5 stars!  April 5, 2014

a great read that was packed with emotional moments….

The Real Thing by Brenda Jackson was a great read that was packed with emotional moments. It raises an eyebrow, makes you want to punch someone, saddens you and elates you….all in the same breath. The tale of the journey of Trinity Matthews and Adrian Westmoreland is definitely all the aforementioned and more. As we witness the blossoming of their love, we also witness abuse of power and affluence. Once again, I say, well done Mrs. Jackson.

I give this story 5 stars!!  April 3, 2014